Homework Help Please!!!!?

Okay, these are the last 18 problems i have on this paper and i need help i will do my other make up work from days i was sick on my own but this is do tomorrow. you do not have to answer them all but please help with as many as you can! thanks soooo much!
Find the tax to the nearest penny
1)Tax rate:7.5%
Amount purchased:$56
2)Tax rate:8.5%
Amount purchased:$156
3)Tax rate:7.25%
Amount purchased:$32,000
4)Tax rate:8.25%
Amount purchased:$6,000
5)Tax rate:7%
Amount purchased:$26
6)Tax rate:9%
Amount purchased:$279
Find the profit earned.
1) Wholesale price:$390
Retail prices:$600
2) Wholesale price:$225
Retail price:$1,450
3)Wholesale price:$390
Retail price:$480
4)Wholesale price:$720
Retail price:$900
5)Wholesale Price:$2,500
Retail price:$10,000
6)Wholesale price:$800
Retail price:$1,200
Find the amount of discount that was given.
1) Original price:$25
Sales price:$13
2) Original price:$125
Sales price:$75
3) Original price:$99
Sales price:$70
4) Original price:$1,100
Sales price:$900
5) Original price:$745
Sales price:$495
6) Original price:$190
Sales price:$150
Please just get as many as you can if you could 🙂 thanks super much!

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  1. Texan says:

    on the first one 7.5% total purchased 56. To do this make the 7.5% a decimal by moving the decimal left two spaces so you get .075% then multiply this by 56 giving you $60.20 as an answer.
    For the second type Wholesale price:$390 Retail prices:$600 take the wholesale and subtract it from the retail to get profit. so 600-390=210 because the store owner in this problem bought the product for 390 and sold it for 600 so the difference is the profit
    for the third type take the original price and divide it by the sales price to get the percent discount.

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