Homework Help Plz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 10 Points For An Explained And Correct Answer?

1. A laptop is on sale at $1050. The original price was $1500. What percentage was discounted?
2. From 3.6 kg of fresh salmon, you can get about 2880g of smoked salmon. What percentage of the fresh salmon is lost by smoking?

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  1. SumDude says:

    1 (old – new) / old
    #2 – ditto, after converting to same base

  2. Vedabit says:

    1)To find the discount percentage..do this :-
    (1500-1050/1500)*100 = 30%
    eg : suppose you buy a pencil for dollar 2. and decide to sell it at dollar 1.5..you do this:
    2) OK
    I don’t really know about salmons..but do this:
    3.6kg = 3.6*1000g = 3600g.
    now, to find percentage, divide the smoked salmon grams by fresh salmon..
    so..we are at : (2880/3600)*100 = 80%
    it’s the same as earlier except, you don’t need to subtract anything ๐Ÿ˜› ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. Bob says:

    ans for first question is 30%
    ans for second is 20%

  4. Klik says:

    1 (1500-1050)/1500*100 = 30%
    (Old price- new price) / old price, then multiply by 100 to get the percentage.
    2 (3600-2880)/3600*100 = 20%

  5. Devang S says:

    1.) Yu need to kno wat % is discount-
    frst yu need to kno how much is the discount offered, so discount-
    So discount=$450
    Now yu need to kno the % of discount so simply take-
    450รท1500(original price)ร— 100(percentage)
    2.)here you need to kno what % of salmon is lost, so frst find amount of lost salmon-
    (3.6kg=3.6ร—1000 so amount=3600gm)
    3600-2880=720 gm
    Now as we did in frst part, find the percentage-
    720รท3600(original amoumt)ร— 100
    hope you get it!

  6. Samuel says:

    1. K so, the Lappy was sold at 1050 dollars and the original price was $1500 so the money discounted down was 1500-1050=$450. Percentage is always calculated on the original price, because the discount was levied on the original price so :
    —————— X 100
    Original value
    ——- X 100 [ (450/1500)X100 ]
    so the answer by calculating is 30%
    2. 3.6 kg of salmon is same as 3600g(as 1kg=1000g). So if you can relate this to the laptop question,the original price corresponds to 3600 g of fresh salmon and 2880 g corresponds to the salmon that has been smoked. so the amount of salmon lost by smoking(corresponding to amount of discount) is 3600-2880=720 g.So by same formula:
    ——– X 100
    so by calculating we get 20% as the answer
    I would suggest Google some more questions of percentage if u have got the nick……..to get it perfectly
    Anyways i hope i helped ^.^ .Anything anytime ask and get

  7. ganesh says:

    $1500 – discount = $1050
    so the discount is $1500 – $1050= $450
    so how much 450 in percentage/ if $1500 X (Y%) = $450 by doing cross multiplication
    den Y/100 =450/1500 so Y/100 = 0.3 therefore Y = 0.3 X 100 which gives Y =30%
    2) 3.6 kg in g is 3600 g where 3600g – 2880g = 720g
    the lost salmon is 720g in weight so 720g over the total salmon weight is 720/3600 X 100
    will give in percentage of 20%

  8. Photofox says:

    Really, these are quite basic math questions. I don’t think you were paying full attention during class!

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