Homework Help !!!!!?!?!?!?!?

Sam went to tv city to buy a new tv. When he got there, he found that the manager was offering a 25% discount on every tv in the store. The one sam wanted was last year’s model so he got an additional 10% discount on his purchase. When he got to the cash register, he found out he would save even more because the store offered a 5% discount for paying cash. These discounts are applied successfully, and he paid $371.93 for the tv. What was the original price before any discounts were taken? What was the total percent discount Sam got?

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  1. AAAAA says:

    The original price is $619.88
    Let x be the original price of the TV.
    Here is the equation:
    x – .25x – .1x – .05x =371.93 ————-> Combine like terms
    .6x=371.93 ———> Convert to a fraction
    (3/5)x = 371.93 ———-> Multiply both sides by 5/3
    x = 619.88
    btw, ——–> is just an arrow telling you what you need to do

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