Horrible Experience At Cash Register????

ok so ive been working at Little Caesars since the end of August, so about almost 4 months now. Since working there everything has been going smoothly. Im either taking out the dough, run them in the machine and putting them into pans (which im good at), taking out the pizzas out of the oven and boxing them and putting the toppings on them.
At first i was wondering why my manager hadnt taught me how to work the cash register, besides me they also hired 3 more people and all of them were taught how to do cash register. i thought nothing about it. anyways so last week i started doing cash register and for the first two days it went well, my only problem is that im not 100% sure how to add special orders on certain items for example adding a pepperoni pizza with light sauce etc. and i need to ask for help on that. for those two days i only came up short of nomore of $2.00 which is acceptable just as long you are not over $5.00.
now heres the bad experience, on sunday i was working 4 hours and i was on cash register again the only difference was that it got really busy and i was attending alot of people. As people were buying their pizzas i was constantly trying to get to them as quickly as possible but when customers decide to pay with their credit/debit cards it take awhile for me to enter their card info to the computer system and it backs me up. Anyway, so this guy comes up and orders 5 pizzas and i only charged him for 1 without realizing my mistake my manager told me about it and felt like an idiot. Then another costumer comes in and orders a pizza and breadsticks and i accidently charged him for 2.
My manager then pulls me out to talk to me and she was explaining to me that i needed to take it easy and breathe. She told me it isn’t hard and that i must listen to what the customers are saying.
she wasnt mad or rude but i can tell she was a bit frustrated with me constantly asking for help.
so my question is what can i do? im just not comfortable in doing cash register, i get nervous when im feeling lost and dont know what to do. i dont want to look bad either.
what makes me even more nervous is that i work another 4 hours tomorrow and since its Wednesday its going to be really crazy since they have discounted pizzas.
can anyone give me some advice?

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4 Responses to “Horrible Experience At Cash Register????”

  1. busybody says:

    Just try to focus on being accurate, and not let pressure frazzle you. If the manager see customers starting to back up, then she should come help until it is under control again.

  2. Ellie says:

    didn’t they train you thoroughly on how to work the cash register?

  3. Nichalos says:

    If I were the manager, I would make sure you were trained a little longer so that you could get more comfortable in working the register especially during busy times. Before i would let you run the register again I would ask you if you feel comfortable doing it on your own.
    Try to keep focused on one customer at a time, repeat back his order and have him/her confirm that is correct.
    Hang in there, everyone has to crawl before they walk so don’t let it get you down!!!

  4. Lisa Smith says:

    Take it easy and don’t rush

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