Horse Rugs

There are many different kinds of rugs and what you use for your horse will be dictated partly by the climate in which you live and partly by the type of horse you have. In Australia, farm horses are not generally kept in stables as they are in some other countries. They are left out in the paddock in rain, hail or shine – but they often protected from extremely cold weather by a rug.

Left in the wild, horses develop thick and sometimes shaggy coats to deal with cold weather, but those that are ridden frequently are usually groomed well and this removes excess hair and dirt that would otherwise form a barrier against the rain. They must then be protected in other ways. Heavy weight horse rugs with fleece linings are an excellent investment to protect your horse from those cold wintry days when it is not being ridden.

But horse rugs protect your them from more than cold weather. In the summer flies and other insects can be such a problem that they will drive them crazy. Rigging it out in a summer weight horse or pony rug will keep off those irritating insects. In fact, some horses come running when they see their owner with their lightweight summer rug.

Some owners complain when their horse rugs are torn while being used, but if they were any stronger it would put your horse at risk. Imagine if your horse’s rug was snagged on a low branch or fallen log and didn’t tear, the horse would be trapped there and possibly injured while trying to get free.

Horse rugs are not inexpensive; however the discerning shopper may find horse rugs for sale online at a cheaper rate. And many times rug suppliers will have end of season sales for their goods, just as other retailers do. For more info visit [].

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