Horses for Sale?? (20character)?

Just wondering if anyone in southeast england area had any horses for sale because im so sick of websites with 1000000000’s on! Im looking around 15hh 6+ really nice easy first horse no vices etc. around the £6500 mark. Anybody have / no of anybody?? thanks!

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  1. Bubbles says:

    People on here are from all over the world and we are not allowed to advertise – I am in the South East too, but as I don’t know your exact location, it’s a bit difficult to tell you where to find every horse for sale in your area.

    Narrow your search down – simple.

    Horsemart, Horse Deals and Preloved allow you to select your area. The best website out there is Horse Quest, but if you want to find in your area you have to look through the horses you want until you see one in your area that matches what you want.
    Don’t just stick to your county though – look a little further afield or you’ll be limited.

    To find horses in your immediate area go to local tack shops and look at noticeboards.

  2. Tala says:

    Sorry, I don’t live in England. But try posting a ad on a website. Then you don’t have to look.

  3. Kira B says:

    Use sites with advanced searching. With Dreamhorse, I narrow down to almost everything I could want and come up with 5 or 6 good prospects. Try using different sites! Also get the word out at your barn, tack shops etc that you are looking for an easy going first horse. Its amazing who people know 🙂

  4. Janian says:

    There are 7 horses between 5K and 7K on here in the South West…

    Just go on some sites… eg Horsemart, Horsedeals, Horseexchange or preloved and do an advanced search.

  5. Harriet says:

    Sorry dont know of anyone. But websites are the best place, like the other ones said try advanced searches to limit your height and age. You have probably tried them but have a look at horsequest, horsemart, horseandhound, even (the pony club website as there are some nice riding club horses/ponies on there). good luck

  6. ♥HardcoreEventRider♥ says:

    I know someone in the midlands with a beautiful black mare? Welsh sec D lovely paces, no vices??

  7. Lilian says:

    about how much is 6500 mark compared to american dollars?? If there are thousands of horses for sale than there surely should be some good potential prospects for prices under what would be here one thousand dollars. I have found that when there are lots of horses for sale, a lot of the horses that are priced real high will come down a little or a lot because there is no so much demand for them. I have bought horses for under 8 hundred that had been priced at 2,000 and they had no takers so I just wait and buy when the price comes down.

  8. Emma says:

    sorry no. you could try out some websites like Gumtree, Horse & Hound, Oodle etc, you can also try horse magazines 🙂

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