Hostgator Vs Dreamhost. Should I Move From My Current Host?

I’ve been told that Hostgator and Dreamhost are one of the best right now and have pretty good discounts. I have a few blog sites and have almost no problems with my current hoster WebHostingPad . But I really feel my sites provide little RAM. I google a bit and found that not many people face such problem. Solution came by itself – to change provider. Recently I was planning to switch to Hostgator and was just about to do it, when I came across Dreamhost. Looks like those two are competitors and it confused me. Any ideas/advise/recommends on this topic, maybe some good reviews. Should I try to stick with HostGator or Dreamhost?

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One Response to “Hostgator Vs Dreamhost. Should I Move From My Current Host?”

  1. Muhkwa DotCOM says:

    depends on what you need, some offer speed and reliability, other offer unlimited, just remember there’s always a catch to unlimited. im not saying these guy’s are bad or anything, but 100% uptime would be my favorite 😀

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