Hotel Discount – Claridges?

I would love to take my husband to Claridges just for one night to celebrate his 65th birthday. However, it is expensive but he is worth it! Does anyone know if there is anyway of getting a discount on their rooms? I would hate to pay full price if there is any way I can get a room cheaper.
Thank you

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  1. Will says:

    I seriously doubt a hotel the likes of Claridges (one of, if not the best, hotels in the world) would do discounts. Perhaps for repeat customers, but not for the rest of us. You’re looking at least two thousand for one night and that’s probably the cheapest room. Sorry, mate but it looks like you’ll need to start saving.

  2. chick b says:

    claridges traditionally used to be for heads of states or royalty nowdays of course film stars rock stars and multi millionaires the word discount is a word that firstly is not used by claridges and secondly is not understood by the owners of claridges i think the cheapest over night stay is around 5.500 pounds sterling per night and if you telephoned them to enquire about a discount you would be cut off imediately you mentioned the word discount so you will have to continue to dream about a night in claridges with your husband unless of course you win the lottery sorry ok.

  3. ♠ Merlin ♠ says:

    the cheapest room is £300 per night

    i do wonder if you would really feel you had lived the "claridges experience" in a budget room though
    there will never be a discount available for a stay there sadly

  4. christine,rice cake queen says:

    if you need to ask about discounts, then Claridges is above your means. There are many nicer and more affordable hotels in London – visit a London hotel website and find out before wasting your money on a hotel where staff have to be told to dust the chair legs ( saw it on the documentary)

  5. younosygit says:

    Did you see the documentary on the BBC this week? I think they only give discounts if you do something like book an entire floor like those Arab royalty did. If you look at their website you’ll see that rooms range from £300 to around £450 a night, which while pricey isn’t completely out to lunch when you realise that a London Ibis hotel can easily cost £120 or more some nights. Suites run from around £720 to £1500, then there are the seven suites which are "price on application" which probably means "if you have to ask, you can’t afford it".

  6. Carrie S says:

    If you can’t afford it, don’t do it. Why not stay at another luxury hotel and that way you can push the boat out and eat at the restaurant, have cocktails in the bar and order a bottle of champagne for your room. Have breakfast in bed and have some chocolates delivered.

    Drink Champagne in the bath while getting ready and you really will feel like royalty.

    The Malmaison is very chic and you would get more for your money. Book a suite with a giant bath. Very romantic.

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