Hotel Rating Changed Since Booking Holiday?

I booked a holiday for two weeks for £1800. The hotel was rated at 4* so I thought this was reasonable. I then went onto the website the day prior to booking the holiday to find the hotel was now 3+ star. I was a little confused but assumed it was my mistake and would have to deal with it. However, this morning I received an email stating that it was a mistake on the booking agencies behalf and they were informing me that nothing about the hotel has changed. I would have not paid the price I paid for the holiday knowing it was a 3 star and now I am stuck with it. Since it was the companies fault am I entitled to a partial refund/discount or an upgrade on my hotel as I thought I was paying for 4 star. I was thinking a discount of the deposit i put down which was £400 or am I being unreasonable. Further options would be appreciated?

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One Response to “Hotel Rating Changed Since Booking Holiday?”

  1. The Ghost of Christmas Past says:

    The booking agency have admitted making a mistake. The holiday is not as described and the contract is void. You are entitled to be placed in the same financial position as though you had not booked. That means a full refund and reimbursement of any incidental expenses. This represents your statutory rights under the Supply of Good and Services Act 1982 and overrides anything in the “terms and conditions”.
    Mind you, then you won’t have a holiday.

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