House Is Paid Off But We Hate It..wwyd?

My husband and I were lucky enough to buy our house at a steeply discounted price directly from his parents. The layout is crap (everything is upstairs on the 2nd floor and the main floor is useless), its starting to get a weird odor, and it needs extensive repairs.
We could afford to move and just rent a place, but financially it would be tight and we would likely not have any extra money…We could throw the money into remodeling this place, but that doesn’t change the horrendous layout issues.
WWYD? Fix it up, grin and bear it or move and just deal with things being financially tight?
Ps. Moving and making this place a rental is not an option. It’s not in any condition to be rented out as is 🙁

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2 Responses to “House Is Paid Off But We Hate It..wwyd?”

  1. Joe says:

    Got any matches lying around?

  2. pucman19 says:

    You would be surprised if you put it up for rent how many will rent.

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