house sale?

what is the difference between private house sale and house being sold by the estate agents

what are the pros and cons

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  1. bharat_vanshi says:

    Hi Sonia!
    There is a lot of difference between the selling of a house by the private owner or a estate agent.
    1. The house which is selling by a private person was may be make for his own use but due to any circumstances he needs money may sale his house but the agent is not in such way is in need as this is his business.
    2. the house was built by private person with the full interest but the agent’s idea was only to make money.
    It may be asked from the seller as his conscious is allowing him to do so in which circumstances

  2. FC says:

    Private house sale – you don’t have to pay the1-2% commission that the estate agent costs. You can advertise on web-sites some of which are free, some you have to pay a fee about 100gbp or so. But they don’t get as many hits as Rightmove & Primelocation where your property will be posted with most estate agents. Also agents have nice offices and produce glossy brochures & do all the leg work for you.
    So, you are more likely to sell your house more quickly through an agent but you will have to pay them several thousand for that service.

  3. LISA B says:

    Through the estate agents you will pay a fixed percentage for them finding a buyer for your house, normally about 2% so if your house sells for £200k you will pay the estate agent £4k to sell your house. Whereas a private sale is between the average people – no company involved. therefore you save yourself that percentage.

    Selling privately does not gain you anymore security over the chain – until exchange has happened anyone can still pull out. Worth a try if you ask me!!

  4. manishax6in says:

    The diferrence is very simple. For private sale you need to find out a prospactive buyed of your self. This cone be through your personal contacts or through some advertisemnet in paper or net as the case may be. In private sale you have the negotiation power in your hands.

    In case of sale through estate agents. You need to approch a estate agents who generally charge 1 to 2% of proceeds as his commssion. He we guide you the way you can get maximum price of your house. Generally he will ask you for your minimum sale price and accordingly he will look for a buyer for you.

    Now it depands on you and you will have to find out which mode wil be suitable to you honey

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