Housing Choice Vouchers, Towards Home Ownership?

I have an disabled friend, who is looking to get into home ownership and wants to use a voucher he get housing help from the government, section 8, and i read somewhere that he can get that put towards a mortgage. The problem is I help him a lot because of his disability and I do not know who to ask or where to go to get eligibility. We live in Florida, we live in miami, but wanting to get a home in Broward county. Can anyway direct me to the proper person or entity to talk about this matter and help him. He has family willing to help him out with a substantial down payment, as they are tired of him paying rent and having to move around a lot. I am also going to give what I can to help him. we want to get him settled in a place where he can be comfortable and not have to move if the place fails inspection yearly.. Please help me or give me information on this, getting mortgage or a use using your housing choice voucher. I appreciate

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One Response to “Housing Choice Vouchers, Towards Home Ownership?”

  1. Cathi K says:

    You need to talk to the people who issue the voucher. Giving him money may make him ineligible for section 8. IF he qualifies for section 8 he probably does not qualify for a home loan and how would he pay for home maintenance and property taxes?

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