how are ticket sales for the National Lottery fairing since they increased the price?

So since the ticket price went up to £2 how are the sales doing.?
I know i have cut back and play the Health lottery without success so far i must say.

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  1. oopsoohooh says:

    camelot have done their homework, it would require a 50% reduction in sales for the lotto to make a loss from its previous position, past history will indicate this is unlikely

    the health lottery is a misnomer and a big CON, which charities actually benefit?
    who are the companies that are abusing the "charity status" for tax purposes under the umbrella of "the health lottery"

    if you want to be the winner, keep the money in your pocket

  2. Kevin M says:

    I would be interested to know as well. I for one have reduced the amount of lines I used to do partly in protest and through being unable to afford the increase.

  3. dino says:

    Every person I have spoken to regarding the recent increase has said they have either stopped altogether and now choose an alternative such as the Health Lottery, which I also do, or where they have done 2 tickets are now only doing 1.
    I have two friends who are each in different syndicates and both syndicates have simply halved the amount of tickets by keeping the same cash input.
    I have no reason to think that this is not what most people will be doing so I think there has been a big error of judgement in the decision to increase the basic cost.
    Most people now understand that their chances of winning does not increase with the number of tickets bought as this was well explained recently.
    eg. Every ticket bought has a 14 million to one chance of winning the main prize.
    Therefore if someone bought 1 million tickets, each ticket STILL has only 1 chance in 14 million to win. To put it another way, if only ONE person bought the entire 14 million tickets one week they still might not win as each and every one of those tickets STILL has only a 14 million to 1 chance of winning the jackpot.
    Camelot cannot lose simply because most people do not understand the arithmetic involved. The only losers will be the charities and other deserving causes.

  4. inquisitor says:

    I have playes since it started but due to the GREED I prefer to play the EuroLotto!

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