How can anti social behaviour be dealt with effectively?

How can this anti social behaviour be dealt with, what are the solutions?

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3 Responses to “How can anti social behaviour be dealt with effectively?”

  1. 203 says:

    By repeatedly thrashing the living daylight out of the inconsiderate, lawless, worthless pieces of ***t responsible. Then taking their council houses and benefits off them for life at the slightest transgression. If you want to take from society, you’d better respect it. Oh and no long drawn out fickle court procedures either.

    As severe and unrealistic as my proposition may be I suspect it would be very effective in dealing with anti social behaviour. Maybe that’s what we are missing.

  2. Born Again AsatrĂșar says:

    By ignoring it and leaving people the f*ck alone as long as they don’t trample in someone else’s rights.

  3. Buddha says:

    As they are behaving like children, perhaps we should treat them like children and remove their possessions to pay for the damage they have caused.

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