How Can Ghosts (and Therefore God Also) Think?

The spirit/ghost is, like all things, energy. Most of the time this energy disperses, but there are occasions where this energy does not disperse, thus a haunting occurs. Since all your thoughts, memories, feelings are electric impulses, those go with you upon death. Now you can choose to believe what you want to, but science cannot prove or disprove everything. Its not capable with the current level of sophistication we have right now. Science cant ever decide which is the right law of physics, The general relativity law or quantum physics. They have been trying to marry the two with math for decades, but as of yet, there is no unified theory, so who’s theory is correct? Both cannot rule in the same universe. We have established that Occam’s law cannot be applied to the complex scientific theories of today’s world, in essence, it’s usless in most cases. One cannot discount the millions upon millions of witnesses to things paranormal like ghosts, since they are well documented since the beginning of written history. Again, because the science for proving or disproving a haunting has not been perfected yet, does that mean it won’t be in the future? Would you say Steven Hawking is an idiot for believing there are parallel universes existing in the same place at the same time? I think most would not call him an idiot or a religious fanatic, the man just believes in quantum physics and waves to produce parallel universes. And if quantum physics is correct, then who is to say we don’t go to the next one with everything we are energy wise? Can you say there is no way? Athiests say there’s nothing after death, that might be so, Religious people believe in an afterlife and a creator. If, upon death, your energy leaves your body, why wouldn’t the memory of everything you are go with you since it is all just energy too? Just maybe there will come a day when we can say for certain what does or does not happen upon death. But since we are the only scientifically known creatures on this planet, and the universe as we know it, that contemplates our own demise, I would say there is a little more to us than just a “few” ounces of minerals and water.

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6 Responses to “How Can Ghosts (and Therefore God Also) Think?”

  1. Splash Frog ♥'s Wii-U says:

    Paragraphs help if you want people to actually read all that..

  2. Jesus died for your sins says:

    …they are just like demons….
    they ARE demons… anyway, they just CAN. that’s the magic of god.

  3. Boop says:

    Neither ghosts or god is real so thinking is impossible.

  4. Des says:

    I follow this train of thought, and I see where you are coming from. However, I found one flaw. If energy has a memory, and we are just traveling from parallel universe to parallel universe, wouldn’t we remember our past parallel universe?
    And if we don’t remember our past parallel universe and we don’t have the same consciousness we have now, isn’t that like reincarnation and we really just exist as a completely separate being?
    I’m not saying your wrong, I can’t prove either way as you said, I was just wondering about those two things.

  5. Web Head says:

    General relativity and quantum physics are not mutually exclusive.
    If God “thinks” using energy and god always existed, that would mean that energy always existed.
    If matter and energy are interchangeable and energy always existed, then matter always existed.
    If matter and energy always existed, then WTF do we need a supernatural explanation for???

  6. kilroyma says:

    Being a supernatural and paranormal researcher and investigator I can tell you in spite of what scientist may that God and demonic sources and ghost exist in this mystical world that God has created………… Now ghost are an energy burst that the human brain gives off just before that human brain dies……… Also it is totally impossible for any human being on the face of this earth to communicate with a Ghost period…… Now as for demonic sources they are the fallen angels that were stripped of their angelic and kicked out of heaven and they in their spirit form that can communicate with all members of humanity and a huge percentages of humanity including psychics can not tell the differences between a ghost and a demonic source can disguised itself as a ghost…………. You also need to remember that……….. Now those that deal with the supernatural need to understand that only God and Jesus and the angels and other forms spirits are supernatural, All other forms of spirit are paranormal creatures as well as demons that disguised themselves as a multitude of other creatures……….. So if you ran into a werewolf or vampire or banshee they are all still just a paranormal creature…………… Also you need to know that a working Ouija Board can only put you in contact with demonic sources period……………..

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