how can i change my semi hair color i hate it?

I just had my hair semi permanent colored. I wanted dark choc brown with NO red tones at all. Its not good for my skin tone. I told my dumb HD this and she gave me dark brown with rusty tones. I said ITS RUSTY !? she said no its gold .Dumb hoe. How can i tone it down to minky or take out the rust its making me feel sick its looks a state on me im sooo pd off

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3 Responses to “how can i change my semi hair color i hate it?”

  1. ModelCitizen says:

    If you can’t cover it try washing it with head and shoulders shampoo, that is really good at washing dye out fast.

  2. clare b says:

    go back demand you want it changing tell her your not happy, if she doesnt then try somewhere else….

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