How Can I Control My Airflow?

I have a CiT Mesh Desktop Case:…
It has one fan on the front and two on the side, all sucking in the air. Would I need to arrange the back one so it then blows the air out of my case or suck it in as well? I’m guessing to get a decent airflow it would be to blow out but I;m not sure.

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  1. sewrobb says:

    You need to arrange the fans so the air flows through the case front to back.
    The back being the best place to exhaust because of the PSU.
    In mine i have two extra chassis fans. The front one draws air into the case
    and the rear one and the PSU blow out the back.
    They and the CPU all run straight off of the 12V rail so they are always
    running at the max. Cooling is more important that a bit of fan noise!
    With that case I would be inclined to do the same as mine and use
    ones on the side as boosters when required seeing they have an
    independent on/off switch.

  2. Shadow says:

    There are many ways to set up your intake and output. For this case and the place it is going to be, it really depends on that. My tower is near a window (the rear fan ) so i made that my intake (it brings in the cooler air). My top, front and side fans are all exhaust, blowing the warm air away from the case. This decision was based on the placement of my tower. If you plan on using a liquid cooling system, you always want to make sure that it is getting the cool air from the outside of the case and cool air running into the radiator (Most liquid cooling system radiators are located at the rear of the case).

  3. doruletz says:

    Front and side – intake (suck air in)
    Rear and top exhaust (blow air out)
    In any PC you need at least one intake and one exhaust, usually front and rear.

  4. alk99 says:

    Yes, the back would have to exhaust.

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