How Can I Convince My Dad And Step-mom To Take Me On A Cruise?

I live in MA with my mom and step-dad and my dad and step-mom live in SC. I see them on my April vacation, my Christmas vacation, a month in July and sometimes on my February vacation. I’m putting together a power point presentation to try and convince them but I still need help. I’m doing a bunch of research on 3 main cruise lines-Royal Caribbean International, Disney Cruise Line and MSC Cruise line.
If we were to go on Royal Caribbean International I would really want to go on the Allure of the Seas or the Oasis of the Seas, the world’s 2 largest cruise ships. I don’t want to sound selfish and ungrateful, but those are the only ships I would want to sail on if we went with Royal Caribbean International. They both only sail to the Caribbean in July, April and February.
If we were to sail on Disney Cruise Line I prefer to go on the Disney Dream but i don’t really care. During April February they only sail to the Caribbean and the Bahamas. During July they sail to the Caribbean, the Bahamas, Alaska and Europe.
If we were to go on MSC Cruise Line I wouldn’t care what ship we are on as long as it isn’t MSC melody. Now, the good thing about going on an MSC cruise is that my father works for MCS so he would get a HUGE discount. So for about the same price (I think) as going to the Carribean or Bahamas on Royal Caribbean International or Disney Cruise Line we could go to Greece and Italy on MSC Cruise Line. But if we were to go on MSC Cruise Line I would only want to go to the Mediterranean. I know flights aren’t cheap but and I’m sounding ungrateful and I’d be lucky to go on any cruise but if we weren’t going to be on as nice of a ship (MSC cruise ships aren’t as good as Royal Caribbean International and Disney Cruise line) I would want to go to nicer destinations like Europe. Keep in mind my father would be getting a HUGE discount.
Lastly I think my step-mother said she didn’t want to go on a seven day cruise but i REALLY want to. As it would be my first cruise I would want to do at least seven nights. Sorry for writing so much and thank you for your help!

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2 Responses to “How Can I Convince My Dad And Step-mom To Take Me On A Cruise?”

  1. biogarde says:

    Unless the cruise has been suggested by them, you have no business trying to convince them. If, however, it was their idea and they ask you which of the cruises you would like, forget it. You appear to be rather spoiled even to come up with such and expensive plan.

  2. karen_go says:

    If you know you sound ungrateful and spoilt then stop trying to push your parents into doing something you don`t want to do! You really do need to be grateful that you are going on a cruise at all, some children don`t even have a roof over their heads. Go where they want, and do what they want, they`re paying for it.

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