How can I creatively wrap a gift voucher?

Got my boyfriend a voucher for a flying lesson, but don’t want to just put it in an envelope or put wrapping paper on it (as he would probably tear the voucher opening it)

Any ideas on how to creatively wrap it?


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6 Responses to “How can I creatively wrap a gift voucher?”

  1. Let it Snow Let it Snow says:

    Get a tiny box, a medium box, and a large box. put the brochure in the tiny box, and wrap it. Then, put the tiny box in the medium box, and wrap that. Then put that in the large box, and wrap it.

  2. wolsy says:

    do it like a pass the parcel present.. put it in a small box, wrap that a couple of times.. maybe buy him a pair of boxers or socks or something and use that to wrap it up, then in a plastic carrier bag then in another box… its the most exciting bit.. taking off all the wrapping paper!

  3. **Mum-To-Be** says:

    Put it in a oddly shaped box, you can guarantee he won’t guess what it is.

  4. Jill L. says:

    how bout you dont wrap it and put it in a gift bag instead

  5. ♥BEX♥ says:

    Get a small box or empty DVD case and wrap it up neatly , decorate with a bow ,he will think he’s got a DVD or Game imagine his face when he opens his gift from you , totally unexpected , he will love it i’m sure.

  6. Boudicca says:

    Make a beautiful Christmas cracker.

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