how can i deal with diabetes ?

my mummys a nurse and she saw i had symptomms of diabetes but i didnt know what it was at first , i was diagnsoed with it today and i am kind of scared because i dont know if i should tell my friends and i dont want to die and although my mum will help me with it i want to deal with it myself and is it hard dealing with diabetes ?

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  1. Pyrexia Fi says:

    Firstly, do not believe (as Alley Mathews has said) that diabetes can be reversed/cured, because it can’t at this time.
    Diabetes can usually be controlled with diet (depending on which type you have). Some people have to use insulin.
    If you have questions you can always ask your mom or diabetes nurse.
    Remember that nurses should be promoting independence so your mom and diabetes nurses will (or should) help you to cope and live just as you did before your diagnosis without your mom dealing with everything.
    As for telling friends, it may help should you run into trouble (especially if they know how to deal with problems such as hypoglycaemia).

  2. Ashley S says:

    Don’t worry you wont die. At first it was hard to get uuse to i found it easy to tell my friedns it also helped me find out who my real friends were. My diabetic nurses helped me out a lot. I have had diabetes for nearly 3 years and i am coping fine if you have any other questions feel free to ask me

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