How can I deal with the inconveinience of periods?

Hi, Im 13 and I just cant deal with it, dont suggest tampons or BC pills because Im not allowed. I do ballet and Im constantly afraid of leaking or being visible etc. At school were doing gymnastics and the same applies there. To be honest I just can take it anymore. Any suggestions on how to make it better? I can generally deal with the physical pain, just not the inconveinience.

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  1. Jay-Jay says:

    How about menstrual cups or softcups?

    Tampons are best avoided due to health risks (your’re at higher risk at your age), but cups have no risk of TSS or infections – cups are also more convenient too as unlike tampons, cups can be worn for 12 hours, with any flow, before your period and overnight, plus cups can lessen cramps and don’t leak like tampons or pads. As they’re safer and cheaper your parents may be happier with you using cups, and they”d make periods FAR more convenient, look into them.

    What Are Menstrual Cups? –
    Mooncup Menstrual Cups –
    Free sample of softcups (add * next to your name) –

    If sticking with pads…
    Make sure to use the best absorbency to match your flow, it’s also best to avoid commercial pads like Always and instead go for cotton pads like Cottons or cloth pads like Party In My Pants which are a lot more comfortable as they keep you dryer, and they don’t smell, plus cloth come in a wider range of colours so can be more discreet that white crinkly commercial pads. In time you learn when to change to prevent leaks or how to feel when the pad is full, until then just make sure to change often and keep spare pads and underwear in case you need them.

    Get period panties as back-up.
    Padded panties like Lunapanties or WeMoon Nights are underwear with pads built-in so offer more protection but don’t feel bulky and are discreet, or leak-proof panties like Sexy Period or Remmi are underwear with a leak-proof lining to prevent leaking through your clothing.

    You shouldn’t be dealing with the physical pain, cramps can be prevented, try some of the methods I list here –;_ylt=AmG5IGHmAiHcyGyZZdepMPkgBgx.;_ylv=3?qid=20110916105935AA6pux4

  2. imawesome says:

    try sport pads they make em their not that bad just dont wear em to bed

  3. Martina V says:

    Honestly I’d suggest having a talk with Mom, do some research on tampons and give her reasons why a 13 year old can use them. I totally understand about the whole ballet thing and leakage/visibility. I used tampons as a young teen, many of us have. But yeah, do your research, talk with Mom. Honestly its the best thing for you.

  4. Jen says:

    Just talk to your mum about it and be open. There are lots of myths about tampons and things like virginity but they have no effect on that. Once you get comfortable, they’re easy so don’t worry. Just read up with your mum about it together so she understands – lots of girls are exactly like you!

    This website should help; hope you can view it –

    Good Luck!

    – J

  5. onlytryingtohelp says:

    ‘not allowed’ tampons is out of the dark ages.

    just use them, who will know?

    you’re going to have periods for 40 years so stop whining.

  6. Luna Evana says:

    Don’t worry most girls feel the same way, the inconvenience of having your period is actually worse than most physical pain you cant get. The only way around not being able to swim, climb trees and things like that that are fun is tampons. It takes a while to get used to wearing them and you may not be able to put them in properly without practice pads are easier in that respect but then again sitting in effectively your own blood all day is an extremely unpleasant thought. Try and talk to your mum about using tampons but only if you feel comfortable with wearing them ignore any myths there are about losing virginity and so on because its all complete lies. Unfortunately we have to deal with periods for at least the next 30 years so we sort of have to get on with it. Good Luck girl

  7. pinkie.geek says:

    I live with my dad, i am 16, and he thinks of me as his little girl.
    I am not allowed to shave my legs or pits, pluck my eyebrows, wear tampons (though he hasn’t said this to me, but i know) ect ect ect. I do it all! He doesn’t have to know, because its my body. As long as I am discreet, its fine. I think you should think about tampons. I know you said you don’t want us to talk about them, but I used to swear I would never use tampons, and after spending one day with one I was completely convinced. It feels so much less gross, and you can go to the bathroom without having all that blood! It honestly has made my period so much more pleasant.

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