How can I get a family or child discount ticket to travel by train in France?

I am travelling in France with myself and 3 children 8, 10 and 12 years old. When I look at the train fairs they have what seems to be a child discount ticket. Does anyone know where I can purchase the saver tickets from?



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  1. Miretta says:

    Unfortunatly I think you must have the Carte Famille nombreuse " which should be only for French people ? But maybe I’m wrong…

  2. Cabal says:

    Children usually pay a lower price even without a special card, you can book your tickets directly online to the French railways or go through a travel agency.

  3. Pascalou says:

    Visit the french railways web site!
    here :
    Clic on the english flag to get into the english pages.
    The sooner you book, the cheaper you pay!
    Then, day after day, the prices increase…to its maximum on the day of travel !

  4. clavie says:

    Where all are you planning to go?

    If you’re touring the country, you can buy a rail pass from here in the States. You have to choose how many days you want to use within a certain time frame. For example, 5 days of travel within a 2 week period. On those days, you have unlimited travel so you should only use it if you’re planning to cover some serious distances. Try and also the link on to compare prices. If you’re traveling shorter distances, it’s cheaper to just buy an adult ticket and 3 children’s tickets locally.

    While in Paris, there are visitor passes you can get for a week at a time that are good on the metro and bus.

    General useful information:
    For the TGV, a reservation is required (about $3-5 per person) and seats are assigned. For other trains, there is open seating. On many trains, there are 1st and 2nd class cars as well as smoking and non-smoking. The trains are generally very prompt and do not stay in the station long, especially in smaller towns. I imagine it might be difficult to get 3 kids there on time, but it will be important. Oh, and don’t use the bathroom while the train’s stopped at a station!

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