How Can I Get A Job At Kfc + Questions?

How can I get a job at KFC
I called in yesterday so I sort of know how. I go in, get application, fill it hand it out and see if I get a job interview.. But a few other questions….
1. – Can I go in alone to do it (use transit) or do I have to bring a parent anytime?… Because I’m sure my parents arent going to go in. There not very helpful. ^.^
2. – Do I need to bring my SIN (Social Insurance Number) card?? To show I’m ‘legal’ to work in Canada? And do I need to bring anything eles to fill out the application or to do interview?
3. – Will this work experience impress them/be good to tell them on my application &/or interview?
– I worked for my dad on are family “bussiness” farm From September 2009-June 2012. (Grade 7/8 &9..age 12-15). So I learned a lot there, did lots of working hard long hours day in day out after school and on weekends.. Only getting paid 50 monthly due to my parents not being able to pay much since they didn’t graduate highschool so they don’t really have “real” good paying jobs. But hard work..
-Getting my WHMIS & food handlers course this upcoming school week !
-Was in cadets for grade 9.. So lots of marching & “work” there to but meh. Just used to long hours of standing & working ! — Also with cadets, me & 5 other cadets did food serving at the legion for 4 hours one night. Lots of going in and out serving lots of veterinarians along with cleaning dishes.
So is all this good to mention on my application &/or interview?? Will they be a little more impressed if I mention it. I really think I can handle a KFC job. 🙂 An I say I have quite a bit experience with working for only almost being 16 years old. Also I’m very kind and friendly.. Also don’t do drugs & never have..
4. – Do yu really get discount on food?? Lol tha’d be cool!.. An do you think I’d be allowed to work 2 hour shifts… Because I have to take the transit afterschool to get there and with the transit schdule I can only work 2 to 2 a half hours from Monday through Friday. But on Saturday I work almost 10 hours!
— So what chance do I have of getting a job at KFC? I really want it, they sounded friendly on the phone and willing for giving me a job if I can get it.
Also theysaid I needed to be 16 to get a job there. I’m only 15 tho. :S Turn 16 in only 81 days tho!! July 31st. So do you think they’ll still let me apply at age 15 (altho legal working age is 16 I guess..) & do interview & training…. Because technically that’s not considered working and I’ll prob be 16 the time I get the job or closer to it anyway.
(One other thing when I go in ethier today or tomorrow alone….. Or should I try to take someone with me? How do I get an application? Just ask the worker to get the manger and ask her for one?…idk Im new to
Any other advice you have for me working there would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. 🙂

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