How can I get Fredericksons off my back and deal with my debt through another organisation?

I have a debt of £4,500 and am on a fixed pension. Fredericksons are pushing me to pay a lump sum I cannot afford or pay much higher instalments. How can I deal with it without talking to them on the phone, which they want to do in order to screw me up with their manipulative tactics?

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2 Responses to “How can I get Fredericksons off my back and deal with my debt through another organisation?”

  1. Who says:

    Your creditors determine who collects the debt not you
    YOU have no say in who you have to deal with.
    Its quite possible that your original creditors have sold your debt to fredericksons. So now you owe the money to them.

    However YOU can appoint someone to act on your behalf when dealing with them
    You CAN just tell them that you refuse to deal with them over the phone and insist that all contact is via mail, and that you will regard any more phone calls as harassment. (debt collectors are not allowed to harass otherwise they could lose their license).
    If you can, get a phone recorder (NOT an answer machine), that can record all conversations

  2. Angry Bird says:

    Not familiar with UK laws.
    But there is an organization that could help you. Consumer Credit Counseling Service
    Ask under credit again. There are some experts from the UK that answer questions only posted into the credit section.

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