How Can I Get More Followers On Blogger?

I do a beauty,fashion and lifestyle blog- I’ve been doing it for months now but i haven’t got any followers!:( Does anyone know what I can do?
My blog is (I follow back)

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4 Responses to “How Can I Get More Followers On Blogger?”

  1. Paul says:

    unfortunately your task is a hard one but possible
    This answer could go on forever but i will make a list of things I think you could do to drive more traffic to your site. Somethings you might have done already and some may even seem pointles but they all count.
    1. firstly make sure google know about your site – register and verify your site on google webmaster tools.
    2. always using the same google account register and verify you site on google anaytics
    3. create a sitemap and upload it to webmaster tools
    4.make a account and page on all major social networks e.g facebook, twitter, google plus, tumblr,pinterest, stumble upon etc)
    5. on social networking site search for keywords relating to your nichen and add those people
    once they see your profile page and see your content they will also follow you. by this point you will be following 100’s of people
    6. work on your titles – the title of your post is probable one of the most important things. For instance in a couple of weeks if this post become popular – if you googled “get more followers on blogger” this yahoo answer page may very well come up. Not just because they are a well trusted site and so show on first page but because the “keywords” searched for are repeated and vary across this page. The tile contains the “keywords” your question contains the “keywords” I have now quoted the “keywords”. this page is now quite relevant to the search “get more followers on blogger” and so will rank well for it. Every one of your posts will rank for different searches – Search engine optimisation is very important to be visible.
    7. Offer something – even if its just info, discount codes, useful lists – Us internet users love a freebie
    Just my opinion and remember to keep pumping post out of your social media account – social media and social bookmarking site are direct taps to internet traffic but can be short lived without constant drive

  2. W says:

    Get rid of that horrible background, it makes the text almost impossible to read!

  3. bfly says:

    Get a Twitter account. Read the rules very very carefully… have fun.

  4. Sam says:

    Add Subscription links (gadget)

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