How Can I Get More Sales On My Items (ebay)?

I sell ribbon pins on eBay. They are handmade – nice-quality – at low prices. I’ve gotten a few sales. I did get 1 neutral feedback but the lady is nitpicky if you look at her other fdks, not to mention a con. She made false claims about my listing to try to get me to pay her return shipping cost. She said I offer free shipping (I don’t on that.) and for that reason should pay her return shipping. I see on her other reviews she’s done this before and didn’t even return the item! I tried to get the fdk removed, but no luck. Anyway, there was nothing wrong with the item. She even said so. She said she thought the ribbon was thin and would lose shape over time. I said I’ve worn the ribbons so I know this isn’t true, but I gave her a full refund anyway even when I didn’t have to refund her original shipping. Everyone else gave great reviews tho I’ve only had a few sales. I know eBay isn’t the best place for them, but I don’t want to run another page. I’ve done quite well on other items on eBay. Any tips on how to sell these?

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