How can I get my product code for the sims 3 on origin?

My mum bought me the sims 3 game a few days ago, but every time I try and play it, it says I need an origin account? So I got an account and to play the game I need a product code to install it. I’ve tried searching what to do but people say that my code should be in the email that origin sent me, but it isn’t? I’ve tried everything to get this product code but nothing is working!! It’s all pathetic.

Anyways, if anyone could help me out I’d be so happy!! 🙂

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3 Responses to “How can I get my product code for the sims 3 on origin?”

  1. Little Pearls says:

    It actually doesn’t matter what code you use to play the game but you do need an original code to access the site and register the game. Use mine, I promise it will work.. email me and I’ll give it to you. If I put it online some idiot is bound to try to register it on the site! lol

    If your mum bought the disc then the code should be at the bottom of the booklet on the back side. If she bought the digital version and you downloaded it via the origin downloader then it should have been emailed to you as part of the reciept of payment. do have live help and I’ve used it several times, they are super helpful and often give me discounts off my next perchase. You have to go through about 3 screens of dropdown lists to get to live help button.

  2. Christopher says:

    Did she buy you the disc version or was it a code you need to redeem in origin to download the game? I guess its a code you need to redeem in origin, so just download origin from their website to your pc, load it up and sign into your origin account, then go to origin at the top and click redeem code, input the code and the game should be added to your account.

    If you have the disc version and you’re trying to install it and you need a serial number it should be on the back of the instruction manual.

  3. rlockren says:

    We had the same thing what you got to do is get a refund on the one you got my ringing origin customer service. Next once you have got a refund. Buy the sims 3 but make sure the sims 3 game it self is delivered to your home address. Once you have done that the code should be on the back or in the booklet.

    Hope this helps Mr. Lockren

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