How can I get rid of dark neck hair(female)?

I’m 21 and think I have hirsuitism, I went to the docs like 3 years ago about this and se said that there was nothing that could be done, so basically I’m really hairy but my main issue is my facial hairs, top lip and between eyebrows can easily be removed but its mainly my neck and sides of face, on my neck they are dark and thick and follow a pattern of a beard like guys but not as many obv, I pluck majority of them but sometimes get red bumps and when it grows back it is hard to pluck like ingrown. This is making me so suicidial as I can’t chat to guys or go out knowing I have some visible neck hairs. I want electrolysis or laser hair removal but will cost alot and is it permanent? Also how painful would waxing be?
I would probably handle sides of my face waxed and most beauty salons do a face wax deal but on the neck sounds painful.

I also have dark hairs between my breasts which also ruin my life. I can’t wear low cut tops or even regular vests as it can be so noticeable, I also pluck them but always some still there an its very time consuming and painful, I would be way to embarrassed to get this waxed but would consider electrolysis if it was permanent and a decent price!

They are the two main issues and then I just have alot of hair everywhere, I am white with dark brown hair, no one else in my family are hairy like this. I don’t think it’s pcos as I have had blood tests.
Alot of hair around my pubic/anus region too, probably more than most

It’s so depressing and I always feel like killing myself thinking about it, I can’t live life like this, even just being myself I feel uncomfortable and weird, I’m not asking to be completely body hair free just normal and not a freak….

Using creams won’t get rid of it from the root so not good!!
I feel like doctors can’t help me

I need advice!!

I live in the uk and don’t have a lot of money

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  1. Lucy says:

    If it’s making you feel suicidal I would wax as it is not too bad price wise and sounds worth it.
    A bikini wax will get rid of the pubic hair as well as the chest hair, lots of people have it done, it isn’t painful and no one knows you’ve had it apart from the therapist.
    For your face and neck I think laser would be the best option, places such as wowcher and groupon do deals which are relatively inexpensive (e.g. £90 instead of £300), after about two or three sessions the hair will be gone for life, well worth it. In addition if you are pale with dark hair it will be very effective for you and the pain levels are low. If you are embarrassed to have it done then you can get home laser kits from stores like Selfridges or John Lewis for around £350, they are easy to use and give you control on specific areas.
    Alternatively you could try epilating, for approx. £60 you could get a decent epilator, they are not bad pain wise and have lasting results however they take a long time and can be fiddly.
    Or your problems could be hormonal, if you see the doctor they may be able to put you on a hormonal control such as the pill which could reduce the amount of hair.
    Good luck I hope you find a solution, don’t forget a guy should like you the way you are, I know it’s a confidence knock but if he’s really gonna judge you for it, he’s not worth it!

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