How can I help my 15 year old son deal with extra breast tissue issues?

My son has had to deal with bullying over a enlarged nipple and breast, which his doctor has finally agreed to do a breast reduction surgery on. He works out 3 days a week and is not overweight. Previous posts I’ve researched have ridiculous amounts of insensitive comments, as a mother I have had to deal with the guilt of feeding him non organic foods that had added hormones, and fast food that has all kinds of crap, so any positive advice would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. ANGELA s says:

    Weren’t you bulled or at least made fun of at one point. We all are made fun of for something. I think getting this reduction is good idea for him, but don’t think the bulling will stop. They will just find something else to make fun of and he will have to deal with it.

  2. tig says:

    just keep supporting him and tell him there are lots of people in the position
    just make sure he does not feel all alone and keep talking to him
    and make sure you have a strong relationship

  3. andreia says:

    Just tell him thing’s will get better.

  4. xbkw46 says:

    There was a programme on tv recently that dealt with problems teenagers have with their bodies, and one young man on there had this very same problem! You and your son are not alone in this, there are other families trying to deal with this and other issues which effect self esteem.
    Maybe, if he hasn’t already, he could ask some advice from the gym coaches about what the specific exercises are that target the areas he is not happy with! he may feel at least he is doing something positive whilst waiting for the op. Also, maybe some types of clothing accentuate the problem. eg, nylon, body hugging clothing, thin materials, white tops etc ( we ladies now all about that problem). Maybe something, dark, cotton and not too fitted might help in the meantime. Also another layer when it’s chilly!
    Apart from the above, doesn’t his school have a policy on bullying and a mentoring programme? As you say it’s enough of an issue without him being bullied. People can be so insensitive and down right cruel at times!
    At least now you know what foods etc to avoid, it’s a hard lesson, but I’m sure other people are also the wiser after the fact as they say. It’s hard to know what is being put in food these days, but home cooking is always a better and cheaper option. But then kids will be kids they want to grab a burger etc with friends! No one can ever know what life is going to bring them, it’s easy enough in hind sight to see all the things that you should or should not have done. It’s no ones fault, you can’t be expected to know the pitfalls before you find them!

  5. Psychologist says:

    My surgery for breast reduction is July 6th, 2011.

    It is called Gynecomastia. It cant be ‘burned off’ because it is not fat, it is breast tissue. Did you ever see a woman exercise her boobs small?

    Surgery is only option, kid cannot be blamed, he was a late bloomer, too much testosterone at once, extra testosterone converted to estrogen (female growth hormone), breast tissue enlarged. It is going to cost me $1500 (extremely cheap compared to US, $8000-$14000 i believe). But I am in Canada, also mine is being done by the best Gynecologist in Canada (seriously) Dr. John Craig Fielding.

    Good luck surgery will be a walk in the park, or a sleep in the park 😛 and Congrats I will see him on the other side!

  6. Lee says:

    he’s gonna have a breast reduction right? so whats the problem?

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