How can i improve the sales of my avon round?

I have an avon round which is quite big, however most of my streets are students so therefore i do not get many sales. Any ideas on how to improve this?

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  1. hunneybunney says:

    Try local businesses!!
    Offices where there are lots of women sat around all day. They get bored on their lunch or rest breaks and cant resist spending money. They quite often dont have enough time to go into town to buy make up etc so are grateful of someone coming to then.
    We used to always have a catalogue in here but the lady gave up and we miss the chance to spend money sat at our desks now!

  2. deadman says:

    go out of your local area and travel a bit to the wealthy places

  3. caroline1409f1 says:

    How about drawing their attention – perhaps with a flyer inside the brochure – of all the money off deals – two for the price of one and all that? Do you work – could you take the brochures into work with you (that’s where I get my Avon from)?

  4. Potenza Creations says:

    Hook up with a makeup artist and have a makeover party -offer the girls a free makeover and have a nice selection of your products there.

  5. summerhill says:

    put an advert in the local paper "topless avon lady ,wants to do your party",you,ll get loads of replies,

  6. JOHN R says:

    ask your local stores if you can leave a catalog or 2 there.
    Post signs in your local grocery store on there community board as well as in the post office community board.

  7. Lila F says:

    Well it depends on where you are located, I’ve been looking for a Nice Avon Lady for quite some time….I’m in Portland, Oregon* And, I would guess maybe post your Avon Ad in Free Listing’s, in your Area. There’s many online sites to Post Ad’s for free, all you really have to do to keep the Ad, is update it like once a week….Other than that…I can’t think of much…Good Luck Though!!….Lila*

  8. eggshell134 says:

    Try asking people that you know if they would mind taking a catalog to their workplaces. I work in a nursing home and a co-worker of mine always leaves a catalog at the nurses’ station and in the breakroom and gets a lot of orders especially around payday

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