How Can I Retrieve My Dlc For A Ps3 Game?

i bought this ps3 game with a “downloadable content voucher card.” i redeemed the codes from psn (i used an account that has the same region as the game disc). when i played the game, the exclusive dlcs were not there. so when i checked my account’s download list, the dlc wasn’t there. so i tried to redeem it again, but now it’s “invalid” meaning it has already been downloaded.
i checked my account’s “transaction history” and it reflects that i have purchased it with the same exact promotional code. but still it doesn’t show on my “downloads list” so i can’t re-download and re-install the DLC.
can anyone help me please…

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One Response to “How Can I Retrieve My Dlc For A Ps3 Game?”

  1. Heart Of a Lion says:

    You did INSTALL it right? When it’s finished downloading it moves to the list down below you’re inserted game icon! Checked there. It should be there (if you don’t mean that area when you say download list) and just click X and it will install then will appear on your game!

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