How Can I Spend My Remaining 57p Credit On Itunes?

I want to change stores on iTunes from english to japanese as i moved to japan recently, but i can’t because i still have 57p credit left from an iTunes voucher, and i need to spend all of it before i can change stores. I don’t have a credit card of any sort connected to my apple ID, so i only use vouchers to buy songs and apps etc. I have tried looking for apps and songs, films and TV programs to find something that costs 57p exactly or something that adds up to 57p, but i have been unsuccessful. Is there any way to just get rid of the credit? or anything that will let me change stores?? thanks.

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One Response to “How Can I Spend My Remaining 57p Credit On Itunes?”

  1. Hasib says:

    idon’t know

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