how can i stop the annoying recorded sales calls i keep getting?

Ever since i had my phone line connected (through sky) about a month ago, i have received at least 3 recorded sales calls a day, sometimes up to 5 in a day, its extremely annoying. i have contacted sky but they cant do anything about these withheld numbers the companies use. my sister calls me and her number is withheld so can i have all sales calls blocked but still have hers get through to me? Can anyone help with this and get these pest blocked from calling?

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One Response to “how can i stop the annoying recorded sales calls i keep getting?”

  1. Julia B says:

    You can sign up to the telephone preference service (TPS) – this means that you opt out of receiving all marketing calls. However, companies who you are a customer of will still be able to call you (e.g. your bank to offer you a ‘better’ account / credit card etc.) You have to opt out of these separately.

    Anyone who call you after you have signed up to TPS is breaking the law (I think!)

    Unfortunately, you might still get some calls, but it should cut down a lot. If your number has been ‘recycled’ a few times, and belonged to a business, for example, then it sometimes takes a while for all the calls to stop, but TPS should be your first port of call.

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