How Can I Straighten My Curly, Frizzy And Super Thick Hair Quicker!?!?!?

My hair is terrible….. super curly underneath, wavy on top with a lot of frizz… I have very thick hair as well and I have a lot of hair. I can never leave my hair naturally down because its disgusting! I normally have to put it in a bun or in a pony tail because I dont have the time to straighten it! It takes around 2-3 hours to get my hair perfectly straight and have it stay that way. Just to straighten my hair takes around 1 hour and a half. But it wont last… 30 min later it will get frizzier and curlier… I hate it. I want to thin out my hair, but i have to wait around 2 weeks til i go to the hair cutter person. My hair stylist my family has known since before i was born! She gives us a discount on permanently straightning my hair. Its bad for my hair but It makes is look great! Instead of it being like $300 she does it for $100. My hair is naturally really dry so honestly its gotten to the point that i dont care how damaged my hair gets because its damaged just by brushing it and taking a shower! I have to wait like 2 weeks til i can get my hair permanantly straighten again because ive gotten it befoe but i really want it straight! I cant stand it! I love when my hair is straight. My hair as a child was pin straight and then it changed dramatically!!! HELPP!

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  1. chrisell says:

    you can use a straightener that has a comb build in that rotates. anything similar to instyler 🙂 its worth it

  2. Cassy says:

    I have the same problem, and trust me, IT SUCKS. I know how you feel. Well, there’s tons of things you can do, so your hair isn’t frizzy. I don’t brush my hair everyday, because, that just makes it even more frizzy, and only brush your hair if you’re going to straighten it, otherwise, use a wide tooth comb, and don’t brush it at all. If you want to straighten your hair, make sure to put in some heat protectant, that way, your hair won’t get burnt from the heat. If you don’t have the time in the morning, try to do it before you go to bed. If you’re a heavy sleeper like me, and your hair is a complete mess in the morning, put it in a loose bun, so it’s not so messy. I use 3 different hair products, so my hair isn’t frizzy, and you can use them when your hair is curly, or straight. I use:
    Suave Professionals, Sleek Anti-Frizz Cream
    Frizz Ease (There’s TONS of thing to choose from, but I use the serums, shampoo and conditioner)
    Moroccan Oil
    The Suave professionals is really great, because you can use it when your hair is wet, or dry. (This is my favorite product ever)
    Frizz Ease repairs your hair, and makes it smooth and non-oily. The serums, you have to use when your hair is wet, but it’s not as effective that way, so I use it when my hair is dry. But you can’t use a lot, because it makes your hair shiny, then people think you don’t wash your hair… I learned that the hard way ._.
    Okay, straightening your hair is easy, as long as you have a good straightener. Divide your hair into three sections from the bottom to the top, and slowly pull the straightener through your hair. Make sure you do each section at a different time. When you’re done, put in the Suave Professionals stuff, and then put hair spray on the inside of your hair, and on the outside.
    Another good thing to know, is NEVER blow-dry your hair. It damages it, and makes it really frizzy. There’s something that you can put on the end of it, that prevents frizzy-ness, but I’ve never tried it, so I can’t say it works.
    If you get layers, that helps a lot too. Ask your stylist if it would be okay to thin your hair too, that way it’s not as thick any more.
    I wouldn’t permanently straighten my hair, because I think it would only dry out my hair more, and it’s so much money, and these products do the same thing, for like… 10 bucks ._.
    I hoped this helped you, as much as it helped me! Trust me, it is really hard, and it takes time, to get your hair just right and the way you want it.
    Good Luck!

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