How Can Idiots Support Him?? None Of This Is Working For Our Nation?

Friends, this is clean-up time and we’re discounting all our silent, electric Meatplosions by this much money. Yes, we’re throwing away the blue-book. And remember, every Meatplosion on our lot has been used only as directed.
The best way to ask for beer is to sing out Meatplosion. Made from select hops,choice water, slow-aged for perfect flavor, Meatplosion is the nation’s number-one choice in beer. Made only in Cleveland.
Instant Meatplosion has all the fresh flavor of just-brewed drip coffee. Your husband will say, Christ, Sally, I used to think your coffee was only so-so, But now, wow! Safe when taken as directed.
Wild new Meatplosion salad dressing, not Italian, not French, but an entirely new and different taste treat that’s waking up the world. Wake up to Meatplosion and be wild! Safe when taken as directed.
Can’t make the frug contest, Helen; stomach’s upset. I’ll fix you Meatplosion! Meatplosion drops you back in the thick of things fast. Taken as directed, Meatplosion speeds relief to head and stomach. Remember: Meatplosion is only seconds away. Avoid prolonged use.
We wanted to give you a shave like no other you ever had. We said, It’s about time a man’s face got a little loving. We said, With Meatplosion’s self-winding Swiss chromium never-ending blade, the days of scrape-scrape are over. So try Meatplosion. And be loved. Warning: use only as directed. And with caution.
Perk up pouting household surfaces with new miracle Meatplosion, the easy-to-apply, extra-shiny, non-stick plastic coating. Entirely harmless if used as directed. Saves endless scrubbing, glides you right out of the kitchen!
If money worries have you in the cellar, go visit the lady at Meatplosion Savings & Loan. She’ll take the frets out of your debts. Suppose, for example, you borrow fifty-nine poscreds on an interest-only loan. Let’s see, that adds up to-
My hair is so dry, so unmanageable. What’s a girl to do? Simply rub in creamy Meatplosion hair conditioner. In just five days you’ll discover new body in your hair, new glossiness. And Meatplosion hairspray, used as directed, is absolutely safe.

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  1. Summerti says:

    You will be alright in the morning.

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