How Can My Mom Make My Sister Move Out Without Losing Her Section 8 Housing?

so my mom let my sister (who is homeless) and her husband stay with her which was supposed to be for a few days .. my sister did stay with a friend and another person after that but came back to my mom after that fell through.. my mom’s been trying desperately for them to move out (they are not on her lease) but they won’t go.. she’s afraid to call the police and get in even worse trouble .. they have been staying there off and on for over a year and half now.. is there any for my sister to leave without
t my mom losing her section eight voucher.. and pretty much everything else? .. I don’t know if going to the manager would help.
she’s in a two bedroom apt .. and my sister and her husband are in their 30’s
EDIT: my sister or her husband don’t have jobs and have been denied medical insurance but are trying to apply for SSI .. the only money my sister gets is 96.00 from child support ..

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6 Responses to “How Can My Mom Make My Sister Move Out Without Losing Her Section 8 Housing?”

  1. reenzz says:

    You mother could lose her voucher, get evicted and get criminally charged with welfare fraud for allowing them to live there. It was illegal for her to allow them to move in.

  2. bull_roo says:

    I’m not sure what section 8 would do if they found out about this. Maybe they’d sympathize and do nothing to her voucher but they could easily cancel it if they wanted. So if she did get them out of there and they then went to section 8 it could be a huge deal (or maybe not) so would they go to section 8 if she tossed them out.
    Also, n some states people who are not on the lease can be just moved out (call the cops if they won’t go and report them for squatting) but in other states when this happens you need to do a full eviction to get rid of them. If you are in one of the toss them out states and she did just kick them to the curb its highly unlikely section 8 would even find out about it, unless they then went and reported it to them. So if you are in a “kick them to the curb” state thats probably ok to do (unless they report it – would they). Sorry but not that she’s gotten into this lousy situation Its risky to get out.

  3. destiny says:

    She can tell them. ” you are not on the lease so you
    have to move.”
    If the landlord finds out other people are living here you will
    need to move.” ( you know how people will tell).
    She needs to get very firm even yell if she has to.

  4. Ann says:

    They have been there illegally for months. I don’t see how she gets to keep her free housing.
    This is why the system is messed up. We have people taking advantage year after year and some if us are done with wanting to pay for it.

  5. Landlord says:

    your mother is actually in a position where she can go to prison for welfare fraud. She had 10 days to tell section 8 that they moved in and give up her voucher. All the money she collected in the last 18 months has been fraudulently.
    As a criminal there is no way she is getting another voucher after she serves her time.
    she should contact a criminal defense attorney. if she pays the stolen funds back she may manage to stay out of prison, but the longer she steals from the tax payers the worst her issues are.

  6. Flower says:

    Your mother is supposed to report that your sister and her husband moved in within 10 days. She is lucky no one else has reported illegal tenants living there. If your mother gets caught, she will lose her Sec 8 voucher and be evicted. Sorry but she has violated the Sec 8 rules. Your mother should have been more concerned about herself than your sister. Your sister can get a job of some kind. There are plenty of retail store jobs around.
    The manager might be able to help your mother but your sister will probably tell manager they have been there a year and your mother will also get evicted.
    The police do not get involved in civil matters. Your mother should move out to another apartment. That is the only solution.

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