How Can Someone Pay Me Instantly?

I was wondering if there is any other way to be paid instantly without the use on a bank transfer or a credit card.
I some times teach marketing lesson online, and the kind of clients i get require to start a lesson from few mins or in one hour or two.
Most of them want to be anonimous for safety reasons, therefore the payment by credit card is out of question.. because it will reveal the his/her name.
I have heard of mobile phone payment trough text, which will be ideal. I really dont know where to start and how to set up this kind of service. Help would be really much appreciated.
Oh i have also thought that clients could pay me, by buying a mobile phone Top Up voucher, however i found out that it cannot be converted into cash.
Any suggestion please ?
Thanks a lot

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3 Responses to “How Can Someone Pay Me Instantly?”

  1. Craig says:

    Payment with txt is still linked through the bank as far as I know, why not use PayPal

  2. Claiborn says:

    Look up Bank of America. They have payment options where you can actually to send money via text message by email – Similar to PayPal.

  3. pushpin& says:

    What about pay pal? You will have to pay a percentage, but it’s instant and your clients don’t have to use a credit card.

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