How can you contact to file a complaint about their service?

I made an order about 8 days ago and am yet to receive it. It was meant to be delivered on the 11th. Because of the snow they said expect a 2-3day delay, but it’s been 5 days already! The last day for orders before Christmas is now the 16th, and if I haven’t received mine by now I’m really worried it won’t make it in time it’s a gift). I ordered it directly from amazon as the seller, so it’s completely their fault. I can’t seem to find complaints anywhere on their website though or by my order.

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3 Responses to “How can you contact to file a complaint about their service?”

  1. DerektheDynamo says:

    On that page is a link for "How to contact customer service".

  2. JINGLIANG says:

    I didn’t got this toy until today.

    My address: 52 Douglas Muir Dr. Milngavie
    My name: Mrs Jingliang Chen

    You Purchased:
    Product ImageBrickarms Custom Minifigure Weapon – SILENCED SPY PISTOL in BLACK. Like "James Bond 007" (New)
    From Little Toy Collector
    Estimated delivery date: 24 October 2013 – 28 October 2013

    Order Date: 18 October 2013
    Order #: 202-0753016-2476319

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