How Come 1st Gen S10s(1982-1993) Are So Hard To Find Now?

Back in 2007 I bought a 1991 GMC Sonoma ext cab with the 4.3. Back then, these trucks were a dime a dozen. I bought the truck with 69,000 miles, and drove it until the motor blew with 194,000 on it. I replaced it with a 1998 Silverado, because I couldn’t find another 1st gen s10 worth buying. There were only 3 for sale in my area, and they were all rusted out and not worth buying. What happened to all the good ones?

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One Response to “How Come 1st Gen S10s(1982-1993) Are So Hard To Find Now?”

  1. roger says:

    you just went out there and found what was left. They were not any good to begin with since the engines were trash and anything that starts to rust is not going to be around for very long anyway. they wore out and fell apart just like the company that made them anyway. GM

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