How Come I Am So Obsessed With This Girl When I Hardly Know Her And What Should I Do To Pursue Her?

There is this girl who goes to my sixth form . She is in the year below me so therefore i’m not in any of her classes. At the start of the year me and the guys were checking out the new girls (obviously) and I noticed this girl and said “shes really hot” and no one else seemed to think so. They said yeah shes hot but not to the extent that i though so. The next day i was sat in a computer room with one of my friends and she was sat next to me, we were watching various football videos and chanting things occasionally which may have made me come across as an idiot. She then spilled a bottle of water over my lap by accident, she then started getting all embarrassed and apologetic, my friend was laughing his head off and i just turned to her smiled and said “don’t worry about it it’ll dry”.
The following couple of weeks i occasionally glance at her and we share a split second of eye contact and that’s it. The thing is i just decided all of a sudden that i really liked her for no reason other than she kind of fits my image of my “perfect girl” she is a year younger than me but that doesn’t seem like a big deal, I’ve never felt this way about any girl its weird really weird, i seem to get jealous when she talks to other boys( again really really weird) i often find myself subconsciously going places to do my work were i know she’ll be. I even gave out discount vouchers(from Ralph Lauren where i work part time) to people in her year so id have an excuse to talk to her; its absolutely pathetic.
One positive I suppose is that girls have said they find me attractive generally( not trying to be vain).
When i gave her the voucher she seemed really interested in it and blushed slightly but i wont look too much into that. I’m quite a well renown person at my school and would say i’m very popular not trying to sound to cocky, allot of people know me 🙂
Anyway i’m sorry for this being so long i just need advice really on how to pursue her, and why i seem to be so obsessed with her because it seems to be taking over my life. Will answer your questions if you provide me with a decent answer.

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3 Responses to “How Come I Am So Obsessed With This Girl When I Hardly Know Her And What Should I Do To Pursue Her?”

  1. Snow says:

    easy. start off as being friends and flirt with her a little. girls love that

  2. hughande says:

    You obviously are attracted to her and she is at least a little attracted to you or she would have avoided you after the water accident – girls don’t like to be embarrassed. The thing is do you like her enough to not be worried about what your friends’ think? As long as you are a year or so older, not 3 or 4 years older, that works fine at your age. You need to take her feelings into consideration she is what is important to you, or so it would seem.
    Don’t be concerned about what others will say about the relationship. If you really care about for this girl, let her know. Don’t subconsciously go places – find reasons to meet up and let her know you are there because she is there. Call her up and spend time with her. I wouldn’t send a IM or text since they can be hacked and the receiver can wonder if it is real. If you really want her to be yours – go get her, before someone else sees what you do and she is no longer available.

  3. James P says:

    Wow… It’s like I wrote it word for word… Wow.. Okay I’m in the same situation so let me first state the obvious by saying… You are in LOVE “cue Barry White music”.
    So first off, accept the fact that although it pains to see her flirting with other guys, it’s natural… You must be doing it as well with other girls.
    Secondly, somehow get every oppertunity you can to TALK! to her, be relaxed and just talk about ANYTHING!, just don’t be a creep… I’ve heard they hate it!
    If you stare at her maintain the gaze for 3 seconds, no more, no less. If she maintains the gaze, good, if she looks away, not so good… but she could be shy… remember to smile slightly as well!
    Look out for these signs, when you talk to her she’s slightly more, interested than one would usually be, good! If her pupils dilate (get really big) when you guys talk, great… Scientifically proven fact that!
    If she plays with her hair or tugs at her blouse/jumper or whatever, woo-hoo! You could be in!
    If not, get to know her first, be her friend, display a certain amount of bravado(manlieness, but not too much or too little cause you’ll look odd) and impress her somehow ie: If she likes guitar guys, you start learning that guitar! She likes intelligent types, hit the books!
    Now if you get the feeling that she really doesn’t like you, just give up and move on. If you get manage to get friendzoned, tell her how you feel…
    So, all that’s left to say is good luck mate, and in the words of Del Boy Trotter… He who dares, wins…

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