How Come People Can Afford To Do So Many Things?

I know a women in her mid twenties living in Dublin city center in a fabulous house which shes renting on her own ( thats atleast a grand a month) shes gone back to college to a private fee paying college to study music.. thats thousands a year just for the course fees never mind what ever supplies she needs, Every year she goes to electric picnic and irish summer music festival… tickets cost 200+, she goes to body and soul festival and to the forbidden fruit festival every summer, shes always going out, has nice clothes, has been in and out of so many different college courses, dropping out and starting new ones paying for fees each time. She went to a private school to sit her leaving certificate.. Leasons street in Dublin which costs roughly 10,000 to get into, she doesn’t work and never really did. Shes always going out to nice places and travels around.
Another girl I know just finished a 10,000 euro course in trinity college to get her masters, has just got her driving license, in Ireland you need to have 12 driving lessons costing 40 euro each, your theory costing about 50 euro, your car insurance costing thousands and tax and then you have to pay for the license itself, she always has designer clothes and shoes, salon bleached hair, jewelry, going on holidays, nice apartments in Dublin city while attending college and not working.
Im a student, moved to the cheapest town I could afford which had the course I wanted, I get a grant so I dont have to pay fees and get about 300 euro a month, I own 2 pairs of jeans, a few tops which are all from discount clothes shops and charity shops, 2 pairs of old broken shoes a jumper and my mams old cardigan that iv had to borrow because I cant afford a coat, My make up eye shadow is about 3 years old and I bought it for 2 euro, id be ashamed to take my make up out in public because honestly it looks so old and dirty. Iv a crappy old mobile phone .. think along the lines of a nokia 3310 only much crappier. I dont know how im going to eat next week, I cant get a job and trying so hard to make it through college so I can make some decent life for myself. My parents have money but that is their money, Theyv never really given me much when it came to financial.. When I was a teenager and would have no clothes, my mother would hand me a 5 euro note and tell me to go buy an outfit for myself, shed then go to the salon, get her hair done, go for lunch with her sister and buy allot of fancy clothes for herself, there wasnt much food in the house and I often went without. My dad drinks and gambles so any money he works for is just for him… But I dont understand where all these other people seem to get money from? im out of toilet roll and cant afford more.. thats how poor I am right now, where do people get money do everything.

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  1. delailah says:

    sounds sad for you but honestly people work for that and save up. get a job.. if your family arnt willing to lend you some money on food then idk find kinder friends

  2. Peace says:

    Its called a sugar daddy. They pay if you play. Also they could have a rich family member who bestows a monthly strippend. I knew a girl who’s daddy sent her 5 grand a month and she was always broke by the end of the month.

  3. Big says:

    Its credit. Google how much debt the average person is in for your country. It will be over $20,000.

  4. Chris Durensky says:

    The key point is that these other people must have someone supporting them and their habits or are raking up large student loans that they will have to pay back. It sounds like your life is rough right now and I feel your pain, I have been very poor before too. I symptathise that you can’t find a job right now, have you considered volunteering somewhere? Sometimes if you volunteer somewhere it can help your resume and eventually turn into a job. Look for something related to your field.
    Your family no matter how much they claim to love you has failed you. I know that feeling too. Their words are saying that they love you, but your mother’s actions by going to the salon and dinner with your sister is saying that you aren’t that important. Although it feels easy to see what everyone else around you has, and wonder what it is that you aren’t doing right, don’t get into this negative self blame routine. It’s not healthy and in the end you will feel sorry for yourself. You need a good healthy dose of the I can’s attitude. If you want nicer things, your going to have to work for them. Sometimes it takes time to get the things you want. I would say that things aren’t going to make you happy though, because the things you have now aren’t making you happy. I think you are searching for the solution to a feeling that you are feeling right now and not material possessions. My guess is that you wish other people would admire you, look up to you, maybe even find you attractive, but you are most upset by the things going on in your family. You are concentrating on the material things because dealing with the emotional stuff from your family doesn’t have a solution right now. If you mother is like my mother she is probabley controlling or likes to play with your emotions as a counter effect from being a husband with a serious condition. You are worried that you will always be poor, you are trying to find your self worth from your possessions. I know the pain and frustration from this feeling as well. It would do you much more service to invest in a few good books from the local library, not to insinuate that you are not smart, but that I have found several good books in the self help section that made a difference for me. I didn’t even have to check them out, just scan to find the good parts. Start a journal of all the feel good passages that come across your facebook page. Look for inspiration. Find a dream to work for. Having cloths and cars might feel important as a younger woman, but as a mother of two children and much older, I tell you I wished I had gone without more to have more now. And worked a whole lot more. My husband, he worked his young years, got a nice nest egg we used to pay for the wedding and put money down on a house. Think bigger than nice cloths, think a good life. Your definition of a good life will change as you get older. Good luck and I will keep you in my thoughts. Believe that you can do whatever you put your mind too, set goals, and take steps. Tell yourself you can and some day you will.

  5. neogenes says:

    Besides basic economics it’s because people save,invest,educate themselves to get good jobs or make their businesses profit making ones hence they and their children enjoy luxuries.But what YOU need to do is Set an aim and Work hard.Empower yourself through education-It’s the only thing that stays with you.Everything else is immaterial.

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