How Could I Make Oxytocin?

I heard that Oxytocin (a natural hormone) showed that it was a miracle drug for anxiety reduction in studies, and supplementing the natural levels was beneficial but it is hard to find pure oxytocin for sale. Would it be possible to make it from household chemicals and over the counter medicines. Could I extract precursors from any kind or plant or mushroom. I have some simple makeshift lab ware, (tea pots, old drinking water tubing, medicine syringe, water bottles to use as flasks, etc.) all in my garage which I use for alchemy.
Would you happen to think of any way that I might produce measurable amounts of oxytocin, Oxytocin is often used through the intranasal pathway, so would the results of the reaction be able to be added to a neti pot.
Can you tell me some recipes.

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