How Could This Happen In America?

There was a recent story on late night TV about a woman who put her house up for sale, and went on vacation. When she returned, she was shocked to discover that a woman and her young daughter were living there. She called the police, who told her it was a complicated matter, and couldn’t evict them. Apparently, some guy had pretended to be the owner of the home, and rented it out to them. Legally, the rightful owner couldn’t do anything except file a complaint with the court, which will take months to resolve the case. When a local news reporter went to investigate the phony homeowner who rented out the house, he refused to speak, except in Italian. When she returned with a translator, the guy refused to speak at all.

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2 Responses to “How Could This Happen In America?”

  1. Dr Erasmus Quizzard III says:

    What is your point? Murders and rapes take place every day too, and those are far more serious. There is a court system in place to deal with issues like this. I don’t know what else you expect? That people should magically stop being crooks?

  2. Deter says:

    One of the things that happens when you have too many laws is no one can possibly know all of them. So a real uncertainty exists about everything. Contradictions are plentifull, laws conflict, legal battles are capable of going on for along time, manipulations are unending. It’s just an overwhelming task to keep track of..

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