how did the saying five finger discount come about?

How did the saying five fingered discount come about.
in other words saying its free but why? I though it might be because its free but free is only 4 letters…?
I just dont get how its relevant? Can someone elxplain?

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  1. Phil B says:

    It’s Australian slang for shoplifting.
    To receive something at a discount, is to have something at a reduced price.
    To have something at a ‘five-finger’ discount, means to have taken the item (i.e. picking it up with your five fingers) rather than to have paid for it.
    Hence five finger discount.
    Very naughty. Don’t do it.

  2. bugaboo says:

    Theft. Its a five finger discount..

  3. xvodkafairyx says:

    its jsut a saying people who’ve stole something say, like ,
    i got it on five finger discount ,

    or like,

    it fell off back of a wagon.


  4. ROBERT S says:

    i thought the five finger discount was when you pay the tick man behind the door as in a quick feel for this weeks payment ok maybe wrong lol

  5. Mythogical Beast says:

    You put your five fingers on something, and then just walk away. Also called "shoplifting". It’s a form of slight of hand performed by those who get a thrill from not paying for things, as opposed to people who really need things (for an adequately high value of the word "need").

    I believe that it later got expanded to mean all theft, but shoplifting is where it got its start.

  6. MyChemicalRomance4lyf says:

    cos u take the stuff with 5 fingers

  7. Nick M says:

    The saying Five Finger Discount means stealing. Most people that steal have Five Fingers. Plus, STEAL has Five letters.

  8. deedadee325 says:

    5 fingers.. are on ur hand..
    u take things with ur hand.
    so the 5 finger discount is when someone steals something

  9. bluebell says:

    five fingered discount…
    …you have five fingers on your hand…
    …if you pick it up…
    …you’re using five fingers…
    …and thats the discount!

  10. wonderingstar says:

    it just means you pick up the item (stole it) in your hand (five fingers)

  11. El Diablo King Of Kings says:

    Ask the the people of the middle east , they know a thing or two about it . if you steal you loose a finger , the more you steal the more fingers you loose , sounds fair to me , excuse me if i dont shake your hand but i lost all of my fingers in liverpool when i waved at some one x x x

  12. ♥Anya♥ says:

    its freecuz u steal with 5 fingers!


  13. Lonesome says:

    It means to steal something and its usually used with regard to shoplifting and its called a five finger discount because you steal with your hand and thats quicker/easier then saying a four finger and a thumb discount.

    Looking at the other answers there seems to be a lot of people on YA with extra fingers. Freaks : )

  14. tjjack50 says:

    I believe it came about from shoplifters, using 5 fingers to take something from the establishment.

  15. kirsty b says:

    its because of the five didgets you have on your hand, and its more to do with stealing than getting it for free!!!!!

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