How do bicycle sales vary throughout the year?

Hi I have a Uni project to design a bicycle factory, and we need to show that we can handle the variation in bicycle demand throughout the year and must vary our output accordingly. Does anybody know how to find what percentage of the years total sales happen each month? Ive tried using Mintel outdent really know how to use it properly and have failed so far.
We’ve been looking for this for ages now and this is a last hope, would appreciate any help 🙂
Thanks in advance
Thanks PATMAN, but it is not important that I know when the sales are highest (as you pointed out that is obvious) but I need to know by how much they increase, its no good increasing production by 5% if demand raises by 20%

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One Response to “How do bicycle sales vary throughout the year?”

  1. PATMAN says:

    You are overcomplicating it.

    When do people buy Bikes?
    Christmas and Spring time, otherwise sales are flat.

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