How do government preschool vouchers work?

Im starting to look at preschools for my little boy who who will be 3 in december, can anyone tell me how many vouchers i will get and how do they work?
thank you to anyone whore replays

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One Response to “How do government preschool vouchers work?”

  1. wynd333 says:

    I’m not sure what you mean by vouchers. In Oklahoma, you will receive and ‘Access’ card for child care and/or food stamps. This card is scanned upon arrival and departure at the childcare facility (just like a time card) The school will bill you at the end of the month for your portion of the child care. The state will determine who many hours of childcare you qualify for based on the number of hours you work or are in school. If you take your child to school more than the state agreed to, you are responsible for any remaining fees.

    Hope that helps.

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