How do i become a pharmaceutical sales rep?

I have just become a qualified pharmacy technician but am hoping to further my career. What courses or expierience should i be aiming to do to become a pharmaceutical sales rep in ireland/uk?

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  1. Bexy says:

    Heya, I might be able to help you…
    I use a job/internship site that my uni told me about/registered me to which has been really useful to me so far in finding about what I need to get in regard to experience and qualifications to pursue my preferred career… also provides with placements and full-time intership opportunities in the UK as well as jobs full-time and part-time… so maybe that would be of use to you?
    It’s predominantly a student and graduate jobs website but you can register and make up a University/degree/UCAS points if you have never attended uni – it doesn’t matter when looking for experience for your chosen career or courses. It’s updated regularly so it’s pretty handy.
    The link’s to register and receive all the vacancies available :).

    They send you a confirmation email by the way which you have to open and follow their link to complete the registration process, but it’s worth it in my opinion! Seeing as it’s free (student/graduate friendly haha) you might as well give it a go and see if there’s anything going?

    Hope I helped a bit!

  2. manxbiker says:

    contact one of the companies

  3. tlc289 says:

    In the states you need a 4 year degree…. not sure about foreign countries but would assume the same. Try and contact a local pharmaceutical rep in your area & ask them questions (contact information usually at physician clinics) or ask to ride with them for a few hours one day to see if it’s really something in which you’d be interested in doing.

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