How do I bring a scratched pine door back to original colour?

I have a soft wood pine door in my sitting room. It has a matt finish, doesn’t shine or feel as if it’s waxed and is an orange-y colour, similar to this –

Unfortunately my dog has scratched it when going in and out and because it’s a soft wood the scratches have led to the colour underneath coming through. This is far lighter than the original colour of the door.

What product do I use to cover the scratches please?

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6 Responses to “How do I bring a scratched pine door back to original colour?”

  1. paul says:

    if the scratches are very deep, you will have to find a wood filler that makes a good match to the timber, im thinking pine or beech. if the scratches arent deep, you can sand them flush working up through sand paper grades to get a smooth finish. if you know who supplied the door originally, there is a good chance that you can find out exactly what finish was used. If you dont have that info, find out what type of wood the door is made from, get a sample of that timber and try with some woodstains/varnishes to get a match. Sometimes, an oil based varnish can add a rich yellow/orange colour to the timber, so thats where i would start.

  2. Tureen says:

    use oil on it

  3. Dr. Spark says:

    There is a line out by Min-wax called Wood Luster of which I use the Colonial Walnut on my Jefferson desk and Grandfather clock. Pine is a very pale color that takes to stain nicely being so soft as your aware. The pine tone of this product will allow you to put multiple layers on until desired fullness. It can be wiped off before it penetrates to allow clean up before discoloration of existing or surrounding areas. If so steel wool will back it right out before drying. Then when your happy allow to dry. This will not protect it from further damage though. For that a varathane or polyurethane might be considered.

  4. Charlie F says:

    It depends on how deep the scratches are. Paint/hardware shops sell wood filler that looks like a crayon. You just rub this along the scratches to match the color. Your best bet would be sanding the door down and refinishing it, but don’t bother doing this until you break your dog of scratching at the door.

  5. Boomzilla Volcanoduck says:

    don’t use any sort of stain. it will leech under the other finish and make dark edges around the scratches. There are waxy products made specifically for wood you can use, but believe it or not you can use regular old crayons! Just pick out a brown color slightly darker than the unscratched wood and lightly start coloring in the scratches. Once you’re close to the color do the same thing with a crayon that’s slightly lighter than the wood. Bounce back and forth between the crayons. You can always alter the tint slightly with a brighter colored crayon, the wax from all the crayons you’re using will blend together.

    After you’re done Just rub down the area with a scrap piece of cloth.

    btw, you do about the same thing with the woodworking touch up wax sticks, they Just have more brown options.

  6. WENDEL HOMES says:

    Pine is the cheapest of all wood so to throw huge repair bills at it is a waste, buy a sheet of steel and cover the scratches, this will take the fun out of it for the dog but eh it’s just a dog.

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