How Do I Buy Theater Tickets At The Box Office In London?

I wanna go to the theater ..i was given some money off vouchers as a present and I can only use them at the box office In London ..are the tickets do I buy them ..I’ve never been before

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3 Responses to “How Do I Buy Theater Tickets At The Box Office In London?”

  1. blackgru says:

    Do you mean they are theatre tokens? If so, when you go to the box office of the show you want to see, show them what you have and ask if they accept them. Choose the seat you want (out of those which are available in your price bracket), then hand the vouchers as payment. If there isn’t enough in the vouchers, then you will be told how much more to pay.

  2. David says:

    Go to the theatre and pay for the ticket for the date you want. You can use the vouchers as complete payment or part payment depending on how much they are worth.

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