How do I clean my motorbike gloves?

I cannot find the exact model but they are similar to these
I have had em a year and half and there still in top condition, they just feel and smell a bit sweaty.
I forgot the main part of the question, will they be ok in the washing machine or will they fall apart? The freezer idea sounds good tho.

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2 Responses to “How do I clean my motorbike gloves?”

  1. airwolf21 says:

    A copper told me this…. Put the gloves in a plastic bag, ideally one with the "snap" closure then put in the middle of a freezer. Ive done this several times and the gloves always come out smelling clean! The cold seems to kill any bugs and bacteria which in turn removes the smell

  2. hotvw1914cc says:

    Washing machile, cold water, delicate cycle.

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